Sounders FC 4, Colorado Rapids 3

Levesque, again?

It’s been an interesting week to be a Sounders supporter.  First an excellent 4:3 win against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday that involved the Sounders coming back from being a goal down, twice – seems like a pattern.  In this case it took the Rapids slightly less than a minute to score.  But I wasn’t worried.  The Sounders have been in such great form lately, aside, of course, from the poor defending that results in the team going behind, typically against the run of play, in the first place.

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I got my first paper round when I was about 13 years old. Every weekday and Saturday morning I bicycled to the newsagents in the shopping precinct and picked up that morning’s papers that some kid who got up even earlier than me had sorted into the correct order for my round. A few of the folks on my round got The Sun and my co-workers and I would occasionally check out page 3, but not very often. We had places to go, papers to deliver, then breakfast and school.

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Portland Timbers 2, Seattle Sounders 3

The King of Clubs: Ironic Observation at its Best

The tifo shown above rose without a hitch, apparently with assistance from the grounds staff.  And really from then on it was all downhill for the Timbers.  Despite going ahead twice, once from an own goal and then from a deflection (also an own goal technically), Portland were simply outplayed and outclassed, and unable to maintain either lead for more than a few minutes.  Two great goals from Montero, and one via the penalty spot from Alonzo.  It was a great day to be a Sounders supporter.  The highlights from the game are below.

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It's just a comic, not much more

In the wake of reports that the News of the World — Britain’s “biggest-selling” newspaper — is finally shutting up shop this weekend after 168 years in business, it seems only right to feature this song (below).  Released in 1978, News of the World, the song, reached number 27 in the UK singles chart.  It’s what I hear in my head when anybody mentions the newspaper it’s critiquing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Not just a rocking tune, but some sage 1970s wisdom regarding tabloid journalism too.  And a video filmed at Battersea Power Station.

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Target: Full Circle Yarn
Address: 2034 NW 56th Street, Seattle
Status: Early Design Guidance

"Existing Retail"

Located on NW 56th Street, next to the library, this project has been in the works — in one form or another — for a long time.  I’m not sure when Full Circle shut up shop, but the Notice of Design Review Early Design Guidance Meeting was issued a couple of weeks ago and the meeting itself is scheduled for this coming Monday.  Note the creative use of the planter (below).

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Now that’s thinking outside the box ….  And definitely an improvement over the usual red Seattle Weekly boxes.  Some quick online research reveals that this handsome box — located on Market Street in Ballard — is 1 of a set of 30 Weekly boxes that have been (t)arted up by Seattle artists to promote the Seattle Weekly’s Artopia event.  There’s more information here, along with a map showing box locations.  Looks like this one — painted by the artist known as narboo — is the only one in Ballard.

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Avoid Parking Troubles

Built in 1925, the Roycroft Theater was one of three Capitol Hill movie theaters that showed movies at lower prices than the larger theaters downtown.  The growing popularity of television in the 1950s put many of these theaters out of business.  The Roycroft closed in 1959 and has been home to the Russian Community Center since 1960.

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